Invitation to Portland's Local Coffee Lovers Passport
by Workfrom
Congrats on being chosen as one of Portland's finest!

We'll help you drive up your sales, create loyal customers, get more people to discover all that you have to offer—and provide meaningful analytics and insights about your customers, including repeat visits.

— Offer one free coffee or tea drink from a small menu that you hand pick.
— People are only allowed to use the passport for one free drink at your location.
No more than 1,500 will be distributed and will expire after 6 months.
— You get free promotion via social media, email, local press and our website.
— Dedicated blog post showcasing your story, crew and space with professional photography you can use.

PRE-REGISTER to claim a spot on an elite roster.
Accept Invitation
What's the name of your business? *

If you have multiple locations, let us know which locations (if not all) you're interested in pre-registering for the program. E.g. My Place - all locations, My Place on Hawthorne
Who's the best person to contact when registration options?

Please let us know who and the best way to reach them. Could be phone and day/time or email. We'll work around your schedule.
Are you interested in offering 10% off Passport holders who want to visit you again (and again) throughout the duration of the Program? *

If you say yes, we can further promote you and incentivize folks to visit. The interaction will be very similar to someone redeeming their free drink. This will also allow us to give you additional insights and analytics, including repeat customer trends.

After we close pre-registration, we'll be in touch to confirm:

1. your hand-picked, small menu of drink options
2. your branding for promotions we'll be running
3. logistics and terms for participation prior to us publicly launching the program and issuing passports

Until then, by accepting our invitation, you give us permission to move forward in good faith that you will participate in the program.

We've also asked our lawyer to ensure this program is legal and after pre-registration closes, we'll follow-up with the specifics. Until then, here's the gist:

1. In exchange for you honoring the Passport at your location, we guarantee you promotion on our website, social media, in our Meetup group, in emails to our community, and local press.

2. We'll distribute no more than 1,500 Passports, so you can estimate your maximum investment over 6 months. (Remember, 1 free drink per Passport.)

3. The Passport will be valid for 6 months, tentatively scheduled for June 1 - November 30, 2016. 

4. We'll be incentivizing customers to fill their Passports, for your maximum exposure, but can't guarantee that every Passport holder will fully utilize their Passport.

5. After the expiration of the Program, we'll send you some awesome analytics and insights including, but not limited to: 
- number of redemptions at your location, 
- number of customers who visited more than once and 
- how many times, number of unique visitors who viewed your listing throughout the full duration of the Program.

6. Your listing will be "Owner Verified" at no cost to you (a $25 value) and promoted in search results and other listings (a $20/mo value) at no cost to you for the duration of the Program.

7. Should you opt-in to give a 10% discount to Passport holders who've already redeemed their free drink at your location, we'll provide additional promotion during the Program and additional analytics and insights after the expiration of the Program.

8. Workfrom assumes all responsibility for the creation of and support of the passport iOS and Android app that consumers will use to verify eligibility for free and discounted drinks. The proceeds from passport sales will go towards the cost of the program development, support and marketing.

Let us know!
That's it—we'll be in touch with next steps by mid May.
or call Kasey at 360-553-8253 with questions or to say hello.
We can't wait to show off your space!
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